Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Incredible, that's all I can say. What a difference a month can make. Here's a little rewind and catch up.

June 10th - my last post

June  18th - lawyer's office called, asked if we had the continuation of CO (certificate of occupancy) and smoke cert (for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. My response "WHAT?! we are buying a foreclosure that no one has lived in for over a year. THERE IS NO CO". Lawyer's office "you must secure one by tomorrow, OR have the town write you a letter saying they will not stop you from purchasing this house without one, on the town's letter head."

June 19th, 8:02 am - the town office opened at 8. I called the office that handles COs and explained my situation. Closing was scheduled for 11 am this morning. I spoke with the town official, he informs he will have the letter i need for closing between 10 and 10:30. Naturally, Joe and I head over to the municipal building at 9:40. Obtain our letter, proceed to lawyer's office. Estimated time, 10 am. The confirm 11 am closing, ask us to return after our final walk through. 

10:45am - we meet our realtor at the house, locks have been changed, unable to access the home. Cannot complete final walk through (to make sure no one stole all my copper piping, furnace, hot water heater). Head over to lawyer's office for 11. They inform closing has been moved to 12:30. Realtor finds out the new keys were mailed to his office, we head back over to the house, complete final walk through (nothing was missing) and head back over to lawyers after we smiled a lot for a little bit.

12:30 - CLOSED ON OUR FIRST HOME TOGETHER!!!!! What a terribly stressful event that all was, but well worth it. On June 19th at 12:35 pm we were home owners. I couldn't be more proud. What a wonderful feeling.

Since then! Wow, where do I begin. So much has happened. We bought a fridge, washer, and drying for $400 from a close friend, took down all the walls and framing and ceiling in the house, knocked out 2 of the concrete wing walls, and began mold eradication. For those of you who don't know, my new home was poured out of the same concrete Thomas Edison mixed to build the original Yankee stadium. It's solid. My great, great, grandkids can give this home to their children. But, concrete is porous and when homes go unoccupied for so long, moisture becomes an issue. It's being handled though. Did all the mold test, it's penicillin which won't harm us unless left untreated. Which is most certainly won't be. 

We've already gone though one 20 yard dumpster, we're on our second and it will be there until we frame and drywall our house. I am SO excited for when i get to pick out my floors, my cabinets, my paint colors, etc. All the fun things. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get here soon. 

Here's a little window into our lives...

 9th picture...yeah that's the horse hair insulation that was so prevalent when my home was built back in 1921...yuck.

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